Garden hideaway Gnomes

___ Kanchanaburi is the region richly endowed with nature and history. We have made The Gardenhideaway Resort for everyone to relax and enjoy nature.The Place is a wide grassy cliff with colorful flowers.

___The Resort, located within Kwae Noi river front, surrounded by shady green forest. When you are getting to the Resort from the gate in forest,you may feel that you would be in the hiding place of Elf.

___We have many facilities so that children ,as well as adults, play and enjoy. And we belive that Gests who relax away from job are sutisfied with our Resort.

Stuff We give our guests good services
(staffs of outside)
Gate The alley under the gate lead you to Elf's House
Club The lounge you can eat something and relax
Spring The fountain of the center of the garden
Fireflies appear on some season.